Your Session

What to Expect...

You may be nervous at first but trust me, that feeling will quickly fade away. I am there to be your hype-woman! I will shower you with affirmations throughout your session. There will be laughing, maybe some tears, but most importantly empowerment. We will become such good friends by the end of the session.

Don't know what to do with your hands? No worries, I got you girl! I will personally demonstrate each pose for you so you don't have to worry about how you look. You will also receive a session prep guide a week before your session. This will include all the little details to prepare you for your session.

Outfit Choices

What Do I Wear...

Wear what you love! Your favorite graphic tee, for example can be a great first outfit. Match it with cute panties and BAM! You got yourself outfit number one.

Looking for lingerie can be a little overwhelming, so many choices to choose from. If you are someone like me and don't like their mid-section, teddies (one pieces) are the way go to! They cover your stomach and help elongate your body! Plus, who doesn't love lace?

Have fun with it! Choose a matching bra and panty set you love, and then step out of your comfort zone and get something different! The majority of the time, those will be your favorite images!

After Your Session

Our session has ended and you're patiently waiting for your photos. You will receive a proofing online gallery 2 week after your session. This will include images that have been color edited. This is when you will choose the digital package or collection that best fits you, and begin choosing images. The chosen images will then go through the final editing, skin softening and blemish removal. I will not alter your body to "make you look skinner" nor remove normal body rolls. Two weeks after choosing a package or collection, your digital images or photo products will be delivered/shipped to you.