Your Session

What to Expect...

You may be nervous at first but trust me, that feeling will quickly fade away. I provide a safe and fun environment during your session! I will shower you with affirmations throughout your session and play just the right music. There will be laughing, maybe some tears, but most importantly empowerment.

Don't know what to do with your hands? No worries, I got you. I will personally demonstrate each pose for you and give specific direction with each new pose. We will do a variety of different poses, most of them are comfortable, some might push you a little. I'll be sure to show you some shots from the camera to ease your mind.

Before your session date, you will receive a session prep. guide that goes over all the little details to prepare you for your session.

Outfit Choices

What Do I Wear...

Bring up to 3 outfits of your own for your session. I highly recommend trying the outfits on at home before your session date to insure you like them. If you are ordering lingerie pieces online, please make sure you will have them a week before your session, just incase shipping takes longer.

I do have a client closest with many different types of lingerie in sizes XS-4XL. Simply let me know what size to have available for your session. I will bring a few different pieces in smaller and larger sizes just incase. Not all lingerie fits the same and if we need to change the size, no worries! It's just like finding the right pair of pants. Each store you fit in a different size.

Some favorite types of lingerie I always recommend are teddies "one pieces" and a fun three piece set. If you have a silk robe to play with at the beginning to help ease you into your session, BRING IT!

I'm happy to help you chose what to wear.

After Your Session

Our session has ended and you're patiently waiting for your photos. You will receive a proofing online gallery 2 Weeks after your session. The proofing gallery will include 30+ images from your session that have been color edited and will have a watermark across the image.

When you receive your gallery you will have access to the online shop to choose the products you'd like to purchase. You will have up to 2 Weeks to purchase your products before the gallery expires.

I am a natural photographer, I like seeing skin texture and not over editing your skin or body to make you look "perfect". We aren't perfect, we are made with imperfections. When I edit your photos I will fix noticeable strands of hair out of place, clothing twists, remove acne/blemish's/bruises/temporary scars and soften your skin to smooth out shadows and keep the focus on your natural beauty. I will not alter your body shape to "make you look skinner" nor remove normal body rolls.

One week after purchasing your products they will be delivered/shipped to you.